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20th January 2021 

How I Work

Whether you are seeking brief, solution-focused or longer term psychotherapy for deeper exploration and understanding, I offer psychotherapy tailored to your needs based on what we agree together will be the most effective for you. I offer support and understanding, and provide an opportunity for you to gain a clear and deep understanding of your concerns. Through increased self awareness, we can develop healthy new ways of living, make different choices and develop coping techniques.

I work primarily as a psychodynamic psychotherapist which recognises and links current difficulties and concerns with the past. Understanding the origins of conflicts and anxieties can be helpful to make adaptive and healthy changes which bring fulfilment, resolution and comfort. I also integrate other models of therapy such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), cognitive analytical therapy (CAT), solution focused skills and mindfulness to enable you to work through issues and develop coping strategies in the best way possible.

During the initial consultation we will discuss what has prompted you to contact me including any past or current information you are willing to share, and what you hope to achieve from psychotherapy. You can ask me questions about how I work or voice any concerns you may have so that you can decide whether I am someone you feel comfortable with to share personal thoughts and feelings.

My aim is to help you feel understood and supported, and help you to find meaning to your difficulties. I believe that a creative process of personal development within a supportive and trusting therapeutic relationship can bring lasting change.

In addition to psychotherapy, I provide clinical supervision to trainees and qualified psychotherapists, and I especially welcome counsellors and psychotherapists working in education.

“My vision will become clear when I look into my heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens” Carl Jung

"Thank you for listening to me - I feel so much better. I'll never forget you and the work we have done"